Bread the Future
Design, Art Direction

The Bread Institute asked us to change the perception of bread in Sweden and change the conversation on bread to a more positive one. Swedish people love bread, but because of trendy diets, young people now tend to relate bread to carbs.

People are unaware of breads climate friendly qualities. Yet we see a desire among the youth to make a difference for the world in an effort to ease climate anxiety. Bread is climate friendly today. But what would the topping of the future be? Bugs.

The concept: Bread the Future. Bread is climate-friendly. So are bugs. We executed a bug sandwich tasting school tour to highlight bread’s climate benefits. We highlighted the tour with social films and added posters, outdoor prints and social media outreach.

Creative Direction — Edelman Deportivo
Photography — Carl Kleiner
Film — Snöby Film
Design — Sarah Colobong